Harestock Stud Rehabilitation Centre

With thousands of clients treated by the practice over the years, we know what is important for both animal and owner. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere is an important first step to relax an animal who may be in distress. Suttons Physiotherapy Practice at Harestock Stud is set up with this in mind to provide the very best facilities for evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation. We provide a unique in-patient facility alongside our daily clinics.


View of Amanda Suttons Physiotherapy Practice (A.S.A.P.) from top field

Small Animal Facilities

Small Animals can be treated both at our regular clinics and on an individual basis. The treatment rooms are well equipped and designed to put animals in a relaxed state of mind. As the centre is also used for educational courses, there are also extensive visual aids to help explain soft-tissue injuries to the owner, who may otherwise be in the dark!

Large Animal Facilities

It is important to evaluate and treat animals as they move on a natural surface. At Harestock Stud there are extensive Diagnosis and Rehabilitation fields designed to simulate this normal environment.

We have constructed hills, uneven surfaces and turn-out areas for evaluation. We have a round pen and outstanding all-weather menage. In addition, horses staying from all over the country need to be turned-out – muscle recuperation requires movement, which we provide in safe enclosed areas.

As part of recuperation, we also use the following facilities for the progressive exercise programmes required:

  • Training on gradients
  • Floodlit large silica sand and rubber menage
  • Long reining
  • Lungeing
  • In-hand polates
  • Ridden instruction

Access and Parking

Harestock Stud is easily reached, just outside Winchester. Click here for directions.

There is ample parking for cars, horse trailers and lorries.

  • What Do I Do Now?

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